Tuesday, January 22, 2008

life from the clay

Ron Mueck gets a lot of well-deserved attention on the ol' interweb, so I figured why not some more.
I was lucky enough to first encounter his work not through a computer monitor, but in person during the touring Sensation show at the Brooklyn Museum of art. Among the several pieces of his that were present in the show was a sculpture entitled "dead dad" which was a 3 foot long hyper realistic nude sculpture of his dead father, laying on the floor. Much like Robert Lazzarini's work, as mentioned in a previous post, Ron Mueck's work throws your perception for a loop. It's so real, every pore and hair in it's right place, but so unreal because the scale is off, sometimes not by much, sometimes gigantic, and other times very small.

I was very happy to find out that Ron Mueck had also worked for the Jim Henson Creature shop, and was the voice of Ludo in the film Labyrinth.

Take some time to curl up with this amazing short documentary about his art and process for creating these masterpieces. FYI there is a good deal of (artistic)nudity in this following film, for the weak or prude of heart. LINK

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