Wednesday, February 13, 2008

leather-bound beasts

More Walton Ford goodness. Actually, this ,admittedly, makes me a little sad, mostly because I don't have the kind of ducats necessary to purchase his new book, Walton Ford: Pancha Tantra. There are two editions, but the prices are the likes of nothing I've ever seen in a newly printed book. The first "art" hardcover is going for a whopping $1800, and the "collector's edition is selling for a staggering $7000. More on the books at TASCHEN's website. I was lucky enough to snag his first book for the cover price a few years back, but I see it's going for over $300 on Amazon.

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greg oakes said...

jaw-dropping!! the detail and scale are insane! watercolour of all things!?!! those price tags are out of this freakin' world!! nice post! ...nice blog!! :)