Tuesday, March 11, 2008

smash glass houses

With my blogging partner off for a week, relaxing in sunny paradise, I'm stuck here in thigh-deep snow, holding down the proverbial fort.

I had a lot of hermit crabs as a kid, most souveniers from beach vacations, and I was good to them, and they provided "entertainment" and "companionship" for years. I named them all after Greek deities, and fed them out of little clamshells. Whenever hermit crabs die, their muscles, obviously, relax, freeing them from their shells and letting you pick them up and observe the little wiggly legs along their soft sides, and the rest of their extremely odd and alien anatomy.

What they look like while inside the shell, however, I never really knew, until I found this wonderful photograph of a hermit crab pulled up inside a shell made of glass.

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Anonymous said...

An interview with info on the glass shells can be found here